Dragon Nest's Tinkerer class takes on bad guys with a million-barrel gun


Nexon just announced the next class for their cute-yet-deceptively-fierce action-combat MMO, Dragon Nest . The Tinkerer is all about big wrenches, bigger weapons, and using technology to bash her more fantasy weapon-inclined foes.

Nexon released gameplay and behind-the-scenes videos for the class. Take a look for more info on the new class.

The PCG crew had fun duking it out in Dragon Nest's PvP at last year's E3, but I haven't played the game much since then. The Tinkerer gameplay video moves quick, but it does show every skill the Tinkerer has at one point or another. Most of them revolve around using big guns to shoot people, building large robots, and being a little girl. The style won't be for everyone, but some of those new skills look like they could be good fun to smash Lucas or Tyler with in the arena.

I want you to pay especially close attention around the 30-second mark in this next video. That's when you're going to see that the Tinkerer is being protected by a giant robot with a bowtie and a mechanical penguin in a rotating turret while shooting a gun twice as large as she is. This tiny Tinkerer is living my dream--I want that penguin turret and I want that robot and I want that gun.