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Dragon Commander coming in early 2013 - here are five insane things you should know about it


It's a board game/card game/real-time strategy with role-playing elements and third-person action dragon piloting

The final insanity is the sum of Dragon Commander's parts. Mashing together genres is as dangerous as putting a jetpack on a dragon and hoping everything goes well. If it works, you'll have the full experience of being a leader in an ancient part of the Divinity universe: diplomacy, economics, political wives, territory control, direct command over individual battles, and participation in those battles. If it doesn't work, the whole tower will fall and the good bits will be lost among the remains of the weakest features. That's an ambitious gamble.

I'd like to see it work. If you would too, we'll have a more in-depth preview in the coming months. In the meantime, check out the official site for official words about it.

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