Dragon Age: Inquisition adding Black Emporium, a storage chest, more

Mirror Transformation

One of the most annoying little things about Inquisition was your inability to stow precious items that had long since outlived their utility in battle. I wanted that extra inventory slot, but I didn't want to ditch Iron Bull's starting gear to get it, or Vivienne's impressively enormous hat. It's been a long time coming, but BioWare are finally introducing a place to stash away your valuables, something they're calling a "chest". It'll never catch on.

These handy personal storage devices are being added as part of an upcoming mega patch, fully detailed here. Said mega patch also re-introduces the Black Emporium from Dragon Age 2, a creepy black market which lets you customise your main character during the game (as opposed to being locked into your silly hairstyle and voice choices at the start). You'll be able to pick up rare weapons, accessories, schematics and the like here too.

There are various other, smaller tweaks, including the welcome option to cosmetically dye armour through a new tinting menu. BioWare says that "you’ll be able to sign up for the beta program through the Keep in the near future", so keep an eye on the Keep if you want to take part.

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