Dragon Age 2 patch fixes Exiled Prince DLC and cures confused companions

Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 has been patched with fixes for the Exiled Prince DLC and a number of quests in the game. The update also includes a few other technical improvements for those running the game with DirectX 11, and your companions will be generally less confused. Varric will be able to tell who you've been romancing, and Merril will stop referring to future plot events in conversation. Read on for the full patch notes.

Gamefront spotted the patch notes, which were posted in full on the Bioware forums .


  • The effects of various follower talents and item properties are now being

    properly removed and re-applied when loading and saving.

  • Anders's default set of tactics will now activate Haste when appropriate.
  • Aveline's final armor upgrade is now available during "Favor and Fault."
  • Aveline's Retaliation talent no longer imposes a delay when activated.
  • The warrior's Rally talent now functions as described.
  • The rogue's Lacerate talent now functions as described.
  • Party members who are resurrected during a fight now rejoin combat properly.
  • Hawke no longer gains random spells or talents after using the Maker's Sigh

    potion, then saving and reloading.

  • Potions, poisons, grenades, and runes can now still be ordered from the Hawke

    estate after the main campaign is complete.

Technical updates

  • Varric's Embellishment talent no longer incorrectly refers to movement speed.
  • It is now easier to select party members by clicking on their portraits when

    the level-up arrow is displayed.

  • The game now functions correctly if the Windows desktop is set to 150% size.
  • The video options menu now allows a wider full-screen gamma range.
  • Various issues specific to DirectX 11 no longer occur.
  • Various technical changes should improve performance and limit crashes.


  • "Duty" will now appear on the Chanter's Board even if the player accepted

    all of the board's quests before installing the Exiled Prince premium content.

  • The journal for "Duty" will now update if the player left the Docks (Night)

    area immediately after killing the Flint Company mercenaries.

  • In "Finders Keepers," the door to Woodrow's Warehouse will now open if the

    player steals the location to the warehouse from the harbormaster's office.

  • In "Finders Keepers," if the player leaves Woodrow's Warehouse before finding

    the crate, it is now possible to return to the warehouse to complete the quest.

  • In "Herbalist's Tasks," the varterral's heart is now available even if

    the player killed the varterral before receiving the quest.

  • Merrill no longer refers to the aftermath of "A New Path" before the plot

    has been completed.

  • Varric is no longer confused about which character Hawke has been romancing.
  • Various minor story-scripting issues no longer occur.
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