Dr Disrespect is back on Twitch

(Image credit: Future)

Just two weeks after his channel was suspended for ill-advised shenanigans at E3, Guy Beahm—aka Dr Disrespect, the Mustache That Yells Like a Streamer—is back on Twitch.

Dr Disrespect's channel was darkened, and his E3 credentials revoked, after he livestreamed from a public washroom at the convention. Twitch's terms of service doesn't have a specific rule against streaming from the can, but it does forbid anything that is "invasive of privacy," which I think would probably encompass toilets. Furthermore, the state of California, where E3 is held, does have a law explicitly forbidding the use of cameras in bathrooms, which the livestream clearly violated.

The suspension falls far short of the maximum 30 day suspension that that Twitch imposes for "most violations" of its terms, and his return was unexpectedly quiet: Dr Disrespect said nothing about it on social media, although he has since retweeted a couple of reports about it. Nonetheless, the news spread quickly via word of mouth, to the point that, as reported by Dexerto, his channel's chat had to be put into subscriber-only mode to limit the number of messages being sent, even though he wasn't actually streaming.

It's not known whether any conditions were attached to the reactivation of Dr Disrespect's channel after the relatively short suspension, and Twitch declined to comment further.

Andy Chalk

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