Double Fine shows off Broken Age's voice-acting lineup

If you haven't been keeping up, then this new video from Double Fine is a pretty neat introduction to the characters and general wispy aesthetic of its famed crowdfunded adventure, Broken Age , and it also serves as a showing-off of the vocal talent. I kind of thought that DF's use of the term "friend" was reserved solely for those who put money into the Kickstarter campaign , but I guess I'd also change my definition of it on the fly if it meant I got to hang out with Jack Black.

"I feel like I should do something dramatic," says Black, awkwardly and wonderfully. He's right! Just look at all the other actors sitting in the Double Fine recording booth like it's no big deal. Richard Steven Horvitz, who played Raz in Psychonauts, makes a grand return as what appears to be a giant talking cat toy, as does Jennifer Hale, who previously starred in Brutal Legend (though you probably know her better as Mass Effect's female Shepard).

And though this video reveals what is probably the best-acted spoon we've ever seen, the most special thing about it, of course, are further glimpses of adventure gaming's revival. While this video plays more like a voiced concept art gallery than any meaningful gameplay footage, there are a hell of a lot more characters than I'd initially anticipated. Combined with news that the studio's already considering new sources of money to further fund development , it seems like Broken Age has a mighty good shot at competing with current blockbuster games, at least in terms of scope.