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New Broken Age video footage stitched into Double Fine backer appreciation video

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You probably don't need the story of Double Fine's Kickstarter campaign told to you once again; the hope-giving fairy tale of indie game development is already busted out an average of at least once a week. You probably don't need this rather saccharine video of Kickstarter backers tearfully recalling their love for the studio, either, though you might want to sit through it for a few glimpses of the forthcoming Broken Age .

Nestled between webcam footage of fans are some precious shots of the futuristic point-and-click game that put Double Fine on the crowdfunding map, with the first, Ulduar-esque scene appearing at roughly 0:46 . Buried deeper within the video are an angry ladder-punting bird and a super-cool space bedroom that easily beats whatever car-shaped bed you may have had growing up. Broken Age is looking to be a thing full of whimsy, but with some serious undertones.

No release date yet, but you can still back the project at Broken Age's website .