Doom Eternal comes to Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3 with a new Master Level

I was surprised to discover during my Doom Eternal playthrough that it only included one Master Level, or two for those who preordered. I assumed it would be similar to the old Master Levels for Doom 2: A series of hard-ass levels for hard-ass players (like me) who had completed the main game and wanted more of a challenge. Instead, there was only the Arc Complex level, and the promise of more to come in future updates.

One of those updates arrived today, bringing with it a new Super Gore Nest Master Level that adds more enemies and changes up combat encounters "for a fresh, fast, and frenzied combat experience." Gore nests, as explained by the Doom Wiki, are the portals that enable demons to move from Hell to Mars or Earth; a super gore nest can move entire legions at once, and obviously that sort of thing cannot be allowed to stand. Thus, in the Doom Eternal level of the same name, your job is to blow it up in order to slow the influx of demons, while in the Master Level you'll have to blow it up more.

Super Gore Nest will also feature a new "Classic Mode" option, which aims to emulate the old-school Doom experience by starting players with nothing but the combat shotgun—you'll have to find the rest of the guns and mods as you work through the level. Beat it in this mode and you'll earn the Class Green Slayer skin. There's also a Gold Combat Shotgun skin that can be earned by completing other Super Gore Nest challenges.

The new Master Level arrives just in time for Doom Eternal's debut on Xbox Game Pass for PC, which Microsoft said today will happen on December 3. It was confirmed for Game Pass back in September, but a date was only set for consoles—PC players, we were told at the time, would have to wait until "later in 2020." For a list of all the games available in Xbox Game Pass for PC, keep your eyes on our list

Andy Chalk

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