Doom 2 mod brings a 64 player Battle Royale mode to the classic shooter

Rejoice, because there is still no compelling reason to play an FPS developed post-1994: Doom 2 now has a Battle Royale mode. The mod comes courtesy of Retrodex Gaming and supports up to 64 players, alongside eight bots. The map itself draws from first Doom episode, stitching together three levels to form a larger whole.

Weapons, ammo and power-ups are spawned at random across the map, and there's even a shrinking play area ala Fortnite and PUBG. "This is very rough work so far, and more a proof of concept than the final product," the modder stated upon the announcement of a recent test.  "I've hit a huge hiccup when it comes to getting any more than 32 bots in the map, but that may be due to my severe lack of RAM at the moment!!!"

To use the mod you'll need Zandronum 3.0. Read more about it here, and see it in action below:

Shaun Prescott

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