Don't Starve Together closed beta applications are now being taken

Don't Starve

Back in May, Don't Starve developer Klei Entertainment said that the multiplayer expansion Don't Starve Together would be here this summer . That's clearly not going to happen, but work is still continuing, and the studio is now looking for volunteers to take part in the upcoming closed beta test.

As is typically the case with closed betas, signing up is no guarantee that you'll get in. Klei is looking for a "randomized mix of different player types," and thus the application form includes questions about whether you're a Klei forum user, how many hours you've put into Don't Starve, other games you've played and enjoyed, and at what point in the development process of Don't Starve you started playing. The studio hasn't nailed down a specific number of desired testers or how long the closed beta will last, but you don't need to own the game to get in, so even if this is your first look at Don't Starve there's no point not applying if you want to give it a shot.

And why is the game just getting into beta testing, when it was supposed to be out by now? "Over the past several weeks since the announcement of Don't Starve Together, all kinds of stuff has happened. We have seen an absolutely amazing amount of feedback from the community. Some good, some bad, some hysterical and all of it hugely helpful and informative," Klei wrote in a Steam forum post . "We have tackled a ton of challenges from a technical and operational standpoint, and the team has figured out an approach to many of the challenges we did not have answers for. We have answered many of these questions in [Seth's Fireside chat] posts on the forum, and some of them you are just going to have to wait for when testing begins."

It's not the most specific explanation ever, but the important thing is that the wheels are turning. More information about the Don't Starve Together closed beta may be found in this handy-dandy FAQ , or you can just go ahead and put your name in the hat at .

Andy Chalk

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