Divinity: Original Sin launch date set for June 20

Divinity: Original Sin , the next chapter in the Divinity RPG series, will get a full release on June 20, developer Larian Studios announced today. Although Original Sin has been available through Steam Early Access since January, only the first 20 hours or so were accessible. With a release date now on the horizon, the studio has dropped a pair of new videos to mark the occasion.

It's been about a year since the game's nearly-$1 million Kickstarter campaign was fully funded , a chunk of time Larian says it "has put to good use."

"The game world, Rivellon, has sprouted a winter nether-dimension; a massive and mysterious homestead at the end of time; dangerous desert highlands; a secret, sacred village; and many more," reports Larian on its Kickstarter page. "Our heroes, Roderick and Scarlett, have shed their set identities and become completely customizable, from looks, to fighting style, to abilities, traits, and talents."

With its camera angle and feature list , Original Sin looks to be going for an experience that feels both classic and modern. Craig Pearson had a peak at the Early Access version of the game, which he called "a hell of a lot of fun" and left him wanting more. The shorter of the two new videos is above and gives us the quick hits of progress during the last year. For a more in-depth discussion, check out the longer video below that takes a look at how the game has changed since Larian's Kickstarter success.