Divinity: Original Sin enters beta, gets giant feature update

Upcoming RPG Divinity: Original Sin is now in beta, developer Larian Studios announced yesterday. And from the looks of the game's latest feature update , there have been some hefty steps taken towards its Spring 2014 release window.

Since we first previewed Original Sin way back in August 2012, the game has often brought to mind classic, top-down cRPG experiences from the past such as Baldur's Gate or Ultima. As Original Sin's new beta trailer below demonstrates, the latest entry in Larian's Divinity series reads like a love letter to those games.

The beta, which is available through the Steam Early Access program, includes some 400 updates to the alpha version , according to Original Sin's official website . Larian has added dozens of new talents, skills, and ways to interact with the environment, many of which are shown in the new video.

As with so many early access games, these big updates are still pre-release and therefore players should recognize that before buying into the beta. Early access to Original Sin for instance, only gives you access to the first 20 hours of the game. But based on the trailer, Larian's claim that the beta version represents the "final stages of development" doesn't sound hyperbolic at all.

For a much deeper look at where the game is at the moment, you can also check out a long Twitch Q&A session with the developer here .