Dishonored trailer shows even more creative assassinations, rat mines

Dishonored 5

Sticking a knife in someone's back? Poisoning their drink? Long-range crossbow sniping? They're all so passé. Dishonored's dreary dominion of Dunwall offers tons more bountiful opportunities for Corvo's clever kills, and this video presents members of developer Arkane recalling the most ingenious ability and weapon combinations they've seen, including mid-air possessions and rat suicide bombers.

Also, your music library suffers from a significant lack of creepy sea shanties. Bethesda wants to fix that for you with a free download of " The Drunken Whaler (opens in new tab) ," the tense tune played during Dishonored's E3 reveal (opens in new tab) . If you've experience with songsmithing, Bethesda wants Whaler remixes as part of a small competition (opens in new tab) giving away free copies of Dishonored to 10 winners on September 28. I just better not see an entry named "Drunken Whaler (Skrillexified)."

Omri Petitte

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