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Dishonored's guards really hate mischievous maids, might have bionic legs


Someone should lay off the whale oil. Corvo's frequent encounters with Dunwall's leery City Watch in Dishonored often affords eavesdrop opportunities if you're quiet enough, revealing supplemental mission info or glimpses into the political and social climate of the plague-wracked city. Or, in this case, a physical rebuke on a poor maid with such force to make King Leonidas quirk an eyebrow in awe.

We're not exactly sure what caused the guard's foot to piston forward with the force of a thousand Falcon Punches, but the emergent punchline of the guard staring silently at the battered corpse with sword in hand -- you know, just in case the maid gets up -- couldn't have better timing. The single thought whirling around inside his head would probably be "What." Our review discusses adventures with other, less-lead-footed guards.