Dishonored 2 is getting a graphic novel this month

After chatting about Kirin Jindosh's formidable Clockwork Mansion in the PC Gamer office this morning, I've got an urge to revisit Dishonored 2. For the sake of my sanity I probably won't, as the mere thought of its shifting foyers and arc pylons makes me feel uneasy. (Screw the Clockwork Soldiers, I kicked their arses.)

What I might instead do is check out Dishonored 2: The Peeress and the Price, an incoming graphic novel that's set in the aftermath of our Game of the Year 2016 and is due later this month. 

Penned by prolific writer Michael Moreci—alongside artwork and colours by Andrea Olimpieri (Dishonored Volume 1, True Blood) and Mattia Iacono (the Dark Souls comic) respectively—The Peerees and the Price follows Emily and Corvo who've now returned to Dunwall. Here, a "deadly" new enemy is on the loose—"one that could spell doom for them both."

Here's its cover and a selection of its interior art:

Dishonored 2: The Peeress and the Price is due February 20. Expect to pay $16.99/your regional equivalent for its hard cover edition.