Discord's upping its puny file upload size limit for all users

Discord Clyde AI bot
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Discord announced in a tweet it's increasing its file size limit for all users from 8MB to 25MB. This is great if you plan on sharing fun high-resolution photos, pet videos, or in some cases, classified military documents without paying a monthly fee. 

Discord clarified in the replies to the tweet that the 25MB upload applies to all users, including non-Nitro and Nitro Basic subscribers. This allows free Discord users to upload larger files to their favorite Discord servers. 

If you're still looking to share even larger files, you can sign up for Nitro Basic for $3, allowing 50MB uploads. In comparison, Nitro users can enjoy 500MB uploads as well as other exclusive features like 4K video streaming and fun emojis for $10 a month. 

Let's hope this is the beginning of more improved features coming to Discord. Considering more and more people are on Discord, it only makes sense to add these quality-of-life improvements for all of its nearly 196 million active users

Speaking of features, Discord recently announced that it would be implementing soundboards to voice channels and voice calls in the coming weeks. So if you want to have your version of an obnoxious Morning Zoo radio show filled with airhorns and fart noises, there you go. 

I'm still waiting patiently for voice messages to be added, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Don't let me down, Discord. 


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