Discord is coming back online after nearly 3 hours

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Update 12:47 pm PST: Discord has now re-enabled messaging, stating that "At this point all functionality has been restored and the service appears to be operating as designed."

Update 12:01 pm PST: Discord is in the process of restoring service, writing "Remediations are working and traffic is coming back online. While we work to restore full service some functionality will remain intentionally disabled until the service stabilizes, typing events and message acknowledgement. Other functionality remains to be restored, media embeds may not work correctly at this time."

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No, it's not just you: Discord is down right now. The chat platform's engineers have been investigating issues with its service since 9:16 am PST Tuesday, which began with "an increase in API errors and push notification errors." Attempted fixes revealed a related issue with Discord's streaming, and the situation has now escalated to a full-blown outage.

"While monitoring this issue a new issue has occurred causing an major outage of the API. Oncall engineering is working to correct this situation," says the Discord status website.

The Discord API remains down as of 10:40 am PST, meaning messages across Discord servers can't be sent or received. Voice chat is still functioning normally.

Discord has had two other notable outages in recent months. In February, the hashtag #discorddown trended on Twitter as people had trouble logging into the service or sending messages. But that one was short-lived: 20 minutes after posting it was investigating the issue, Discord updated with a fix.

Discord had a more significant outage in January that, like today's, was a "widespread API outage" that stopped users from being able to login or send messages for several hours. Between 11:49 and 12:30 PST on January 26, Discord identified and fixed issues causing the outage, but it took another two hours to return to full service. Given the nature of today's outage, it may take time for Discord to get back too 100% even after a fix is in place.

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