Discord went down again today, but only very briefly

A sad robot in Discord's logo illustration style, whose face is displaying a 'low battery' symbol.
(Image credit: Discord)

This article was updated to reflect the latest information as of 12:00 pm PT.

Discord suffered a widespread outage in January, and something similar appears to have happened again, except for a much shorter duration. 

On Tuesday at 11:25 am PT, the chat application said that it was looking into login issues, and PC Gamer staff members in the US and UK were unable to connect. It wasn't just us: The hashtag "#discorddown" began trending on Twitter

"We're investigating reports of some issues sending messages, logging in, and accessing videos, and are working to resolve this ASAP," Discord said on Twitter. Just 20 minutes later, though, the company announced that it had spotted the cause and fixed it.

The Discord status site now reads "all systems operational," and we're able to log in again.

"Connection should fully be restored now," the company said. "Restart your client if you're still seeing issues."

Back in January, it took several hours for Discord to restore service after we were all locked out by an "API outage" and a secondary problem with a database cluster. After the problem was resolved, the company said it was "prioritizing fixes to the underlying failures" that occurred. 

Today's brief outage was attributed to "general API and session issues," and may not be related to January's outage—Discord said that it "rolled back" today's problem, suggesting that an update on its end broke things and needed to be undone.

Tyler Wilde
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