Direct2Drive becomes Gamefly, games possibly lost in process

gamefly thumb

PC game download service Direct2Drive is becoming part of Gamefly , the US video game rental service. According to Direct2Drive's site , they're aiming to make the process as smooth as possible, but we're a little concerned about what will happen to gamer's precious Direct2Drive collections.

Worryingly, it seems that certain titles are available on Direct2Drive that aren't available GameFly. Anno 2070 , for instance, is available on Direct2Drive, but it's not on Gamefly. Compounding this is the fact that Gamefly won't be hosting Prima Guides, too.

Direct2Drive is advising customers to download their favourite purchases from Direct2Drive, as well as non-game files such as those precious Prima Guides. The Direct2Drive site advises that “Some older titles may not be available immediately after the transition, and will be added later.”

It's not all bad - for US residents, at least. Gamefly subscribers have unlimited access to a host of games, including World of Goo, Prince of Persia, Penumbra and, er, Freddi Fish: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse. These titles are available for no extra charge, but it's unclear if the rental service will ever be available in the UK. “At this time, GameFly's by-mail rental service for console and handheld titles is only available in the U.S.,” says Direct2Drive's FAQ.

The transition from Direct2Drive to Gamefly begins in January. We can't help but wonder if the inevitable bumps are going to throw at least two Direct2Drive users in Steam's direction.