Dinosaurs in 3D!


If that title didn't grab you attention, I'm not sure you're reading the right site. How about I toss in "jetpacks, mechs and indie" as well? Spiral Game Studios just announced that they've found a way to put all five of those awesome things together. They had us at "dinosaur".

If you don't already know, Spiral Games is a development studio that's making Orion: Prelude, sci-fi action game filled with jetpack combat, mechs and kickass dinosaurs. I'm glad I have your attention now. Spiral is an indie developer and has been funded by "the people" (thanks to Kickstarter--a website that facilitates fans donating money to their favorite indie game projects) and has been giving away great incentives to get your support.

Today is the last day that you can get in on the Kickstarter promotion and earn some sweet rewards for helping fund Orion: Prelude. They're giving all sorts of cool things--from personalized thank you notes to special forum avatars--and you can see all the things they are giving away at their donation site .

But you know what's better than a thank you note? Petting 3D dinosaurs on your PC. Spiral just announced that they're teaming up with Nvidia and Intel to create a five-minute 3D "experience" that allows you to interact with dinosaurs in a digital medium. The details are pretty light at the moment, but they confirmed that it will be out before the Orion: Prelude beta hits this summer.