Devolver's latest Steam sale includes some steep discounts

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Indie publisher, boutique label for oddcore games, and provider of the only interesting E3 conference, Devolver Digital is currently having a publisher sale on Steam (opens in new tab). Among the games being deeply discounted is The Talos Principle (opens in new tab), which is on sale for 90% off. So is Titan Souls (opens in new tab), Serious Sam 3 (opens in new tab), and both Shadow Warrior (opens in new tab) and Shadow Warrior 2 (opens in new tab)

Some of Devolver's more recently released games are also enjoying their first significant discounts. Blob-monster platformer Carrion (opens in new tab) is half-price, bird-reaping action-adventure Death's Door (opens in new tab) is 40% off, and roguelike card game Inscryption (opens in new tab) is 30% off. Heck, cowboy-horror immersive sim Weird West (opens in new tab) is 25% off and that one only came out last month.

"The Devolver Digital Publisher Sale has taken over Steam with obscenely generous discounts on Devolver Digital games," Devolver writes in a press release that labels the sale a "publisher weekend" even though it lasts for 11 days, "even the ones you promised your concerned parents that you would never buy. Now is your chance to correct the wrongs of the past by purchasing each and every Devolver Digital game at a fraction of their intended price."

If I can throw in a few personal recommendations from the Devolver back catalogue, it's worth grabbing story-rich cyberpunk adventure The Red Strings Club (opens in new tab) while it's discounted by 67%, story-light cyberpunk slaughter-em-up Ruiner (opens in new tab) for 80% off, and the slow-mo skateboard platformer where a banana talks to you My Friend Pedro (opens in new tab) for a saving of 60%.

Steam's Devolver Digital publisher sale runs from May 5 through to May 16.

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