Devolver releases a bunch of bootlegs of its own games, including Hotline Milwaukee

Devolver Digital just released a bootleg knock-off collection of its best games on the Steam store that includes, yes, Hotline Milwaukee and Enter the Gun Dungeon. Revealed at Devolver Digital's E3 press conference—which is obviously just an excuse to cover fake executive Nina Struthers in blood for 30 minutes—this collection of cute knockoffs can be bought on Steam for just $5. If you act fast, though, there's a 1 percent discount.

To be clear, these are real games. Devolver has just taken some of its greatest hits and turned them into cute, simple arcade game versions of themselves. The 2D version of Absolver is especially charming.

You can watch the trailer above to see all the games in Devolver Bootleg, or you can just buy it now on Steam.

Steven Messner

With over 7 years of experience with in-depth feature reporting, Steven's mission is to chronicle the fascinating ways that games intersect our lives. Whether it's colossal in-game wars in an MMO, or long-haul truckers who turn to games to protect them from the loneliness of the open road, Steven tries to unearth PC gaming's greatest untold stories. His love of PC gaming started extremely early. Without money to spend, he spent an entire day watching the progress bar on a 25mb download of the Heroes of Might and Magic 2 demo that he then played for at least a hundred hours. It was a good demo.