Devil May Cry 5 launch times: here's when Capcom's game releases

Capcom has detailed (opens in new tab) what time long-awaited action game sequel Devil May Cry 5 will go live across the world tonight. The game's official release date is March 8th, but the actual release time is technically today depending on where you are. Here's how it breaks down. Note that there's no mention of preloading: 


・Mar. 7th 4:00pm PST
・Mar. 7th 7:00pm EST
・Mar. 8th UTC (+0) 0:00am, midnight London
・Mar. 8th 8:00am HKT / China
・Mar. 8th 9:00am JST
・Mar. 8th 11:00am Australia (UTC +11)

North/South/Latin Americas

・Mar. 7th 9:00pm PST
・Mar. 8th 0:00am (midnight) EST
・Mar. 8th UTC (+0), London 5:00am
・Mar. 8th 1:00pm HKT / China
・Mar. 8th 2:00pm JST
・Mar. 8th 4:00pm Australia (UTC +11)

4PM PST sounds a lot nicer than midnight UK time to me. How am I going to make my fingers keep up with the game at that time of night? We've previously been very positive on Devil May Cry 5, with Tom calling it "an exceptional return (opens in new tab)" for the series. This is the first mainline entry since 2008, when DMC4 was released on consoles. Reboot DmC: Devil May Cry was released back in 2013. 

A couple of days ago, Capcom released this video detailing the series' story so far—and fair play, it doesn't seem to acknowledge Devil May Cry 2. 

Samuel Roberts
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