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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition footage shows new characters in action

Devil May Cry 4 SE Lady

Hey you! Stop ogling those Fallout 4 videos and have a butcher's at this new trailer for Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. I've oft heard that DMC4 has a pretty spectacular battle system, and it's embiggened in this new version with three new playable characters: Trish from DMC2, Dante's brother Vergil, and a lady named Lady.

DMC4 is the one where you start out by playing as a Dante knockoff named Nero, before you switch back to Dante and have to traipse through the first levels of the game again. It's coming to PC June 23rd, and it's already on Steam if you want to look at it in advance. In addition to those three new characters, DMC4SE adds a new mode, Dark Knight, and makes "small adjustments" to "improve the gameplay tempo", which sounds like a fine thing to be doing to any game. Dark Knight, by the way, doesn't let you play as Bats, but does make you fight "a massive number of enemies simultaneously".