Deus Ex: Revision mod building a new future for a classic game

It's a testament to the legacy of Deus Ex that so many still see such potential in the classic cyberpunk game. With its Revision mod, a small team of designers at Caustic Creative is working to put its own stamp on the original experience with redesigned music and environment art.

As we can see in the large number of sample screenshots for the project, Revision aims to offer "new level design, aesthetic direction and world-building detail," according to Caustic. It's obvious that the development team is primarily concerned with way it feels to play Deus Ex and has said it won't be altering the original storyline in any way. As project audio director John French puts it in a video explaining the mod's changes to the game's music , the challenge, and attraction of re-imagining Deus Ex is a straightforward one.

"Why do this project?" French says "Why score something that already has a remarkably good soundtrack? Because we wanted to see if we could do it justice. Because it was there. I hope we did things properly. I hope that everyone enjoys the experience that we've built here."

Deus Ex: Revision isn't available just yet, although Caustic Creative lists early-2014 as the projected time period when the team will complete its work. A demo is currently available to download, but it's missing the new soundtrack and doesn't represent the entire mod or the final versions of the new environment art, according to Caustic. You can check out a list the designers have created detailing the progress they are making here .

With the success of the 2011's Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the announcement of other games within what's being called the Deus Ex: Universe , Revision could be a good reason to revisit how we all got here to begin with.