Deus Ex DLC official, The Missing Link will land later this year

'Bad GameStop! Sell my game! Sell my game!'

The first DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution has now been confirmed, and will fill in the gap of Adam Jensen's three days off the grid during Human Revolution. Jensen has reportedly been tortured by Belltower and had his augs de-activated while aboard a cargo ship and must rebuild his skills from scratch and make new allies in order to escape.

Previously we brought you news of a mysterious code , which lead to an image with the caption 'The Missing Link' then some rumours of DLC . On friday Siliconera reported that a Dr Bob of the Eidos forums had spotted details of the DLC in the RSS feed for the Deus Ex website. That page has now gone live, with details of the The Missing Link DLC .

The page also claims the DLC will feature 'sprawling new environments' and 'new layers of conspiracy', it also asks us 'What is The Missing Link'? Suggesting the title is not merely a reference to the lost time in Human Revolution. Could it be hinting at some sort of connection with the original Deus Ex? Tell us what you think in the comments, but please, flag your spoilers, not everyone has finished the game yet.