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Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost begins next week

Destiny 2's Halloween-esque event Festival of the Lost will return for 2018, with festive decor in the Tower, new Triumphs to earn, and daily bounties with Fragmented Souls awards that can be used to purchase festival masks and the Horror Story legendary auto rifle. 

Revelers will also have the opportunity to take on the "ghouls and demons" that are haunting the Haunted Forest—basically the Infinite Forest with sexier lighting. Solo players and fireteams will have 15 minutes to get as far into the forest as they can, taking on increasingly difficult enemies as they go. 

And it turns out that Cayde-6 wasn't the only Destiny good guy to eat a bullet during the recent nastiness on The Reef. Master Ives, the Cryptarch of the Vestian Outpost who appeared in the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion (which is why his name may not ring a bell with PC players) has also been killed, and beginning on October 30 players will have the opportunity to undertake a new quest to track down his killer, and earn some powerful rewards in the process. 

Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost begins on October 16, and will run until 10 am PT on November 6. Full festive details are up at

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