How to complete the Nullifying Reconciliation challenge in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Nullifying Reconciliation challenge in Sever
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Nullifying Reconciliation is another of Destiny 2's weekly challenges. It's great way to quickly farm up some season rank XP for something you'd probably be doing anyway. For this challenge, you have to complete the Sever Reconciliation mission, the one where you defeat the Fanatic for the second time alongside Crow. But there's a catch: you have to do it with a Void subclass while using Void, Stasis, or Kinetic weapons.

That doesn't sound so hard, but there's still an issue that's stopping a lot of people from completing it, and it actually isn't a bug at all. Here I'll explain what's preventing you from finishing the Nullifying Reconciliation challenge, and what to do to fix it so you can claim that Bound Presence and season XP.

For those that have just started doing the Sever activities, you might also be curious about Calus bobbleheads and automaton locations. If you've just started the season, though, it's probably more useful to know how Opulent Keys and chests work.

Destiny 2 Nullifying Reconciliation: How to finish

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In short, if you want to complete Nullifying Reconciliation you have to make sure not to use the scythe in the final boss. This presented an issue in previous weeks with the Empty Grief challenge, but people figured out that the scythe counts as a solar weapon, therefore using it fails the challenge, since you're not just using Void, Stasis, or Kinetic weapons.

It's also worth being aware of AoE weapon skills like Dragonfly and Incandescent, which cause Arc and Solar damage respectively, and that you don't use any Solar or Arc finishers, since they actually count as kills for those elements. Simply equip your Void or Stasis subclass, bring weapons of those same elements, and don't touch that scythe in the final boss fight, even if Eris wants you to.

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