Destiny 2 'next chapter' teaser confirms a June 9 reveal

(Image credit: Bungie)

The next big Destiny 2 update will be revealed on June 9, Bungie has confirmed on Instagram. In the short video embedded below, the studio provides a visual tease of the loot shooter's "next chapter," which features Eris Morn trudging through a frost bitten landscape that fans have speculated is Europa.

The video below is a direct rip of the Instagram post, which you can access here:

Morn's prominence in the teaser suggests that the next update will steer heavily in the direction of The Darkness, and it's about time, frankly: despite its ubiquity across Destiny's lifespan, we don't know much about it. 

Tim, who is far better versed in the Destiny universe than I, wrote at length about the mysterious audio files Bungie has been posting of late, themselves no doubt teases for the upcoming update. It's definitely worth reading his thorough piece on the matter.

Shaun Prescott

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