Destiny 2: How to get Qualichor and complete the Memory Alembic quest

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
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The Destiny 2 Memory Alembic quest is one of the trickier missions in The Witch Queen. It also has several steps to it and you'll need enough rep with Fynch to unlock Deepsight 2 if you want to complete it, so level up and get comfortable before you begin. Completing this quest can help towards the progress of quite a few Throne World Triumphs, but first, you'll need to get your gauntlets on some Qualichor, so let's take a look at how to get some.

How to get Qualichor in Destiny 2

First, increase your rep with Fynch to unlock Deepsight 2, which will allow you to see more secrets. If you're not there yet then keep completing patrols, public events and bounties until it's unlocked. After that, look at patrol areas around the Throne World for glowing Deepsight nodes. The one you're looking for leads you to the corpse of a Scorn Chieftain.

The corpse spawns in these three places, switching daily:

  • Fluorescent Canal, on the trail to Queen's Bailey 
  • Quagmire, on the trail into the Alluring Curtain 
  • Miasma, on the trail to Witch's Echo 

Follow the trail until you reach the prompt to examine debris and you'll notice that you've received a buff called On the Trail, which keeps the path ahead of you green until the objective is complete. Eventually, you'll meet a Lucent Hive, so go ahead and defeat him. A chest will spawn and you'll receive some Qualichor, so go back to Fynch and pick up the Memory Alembic quest.

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Destiny 2 Memory Alembic: How to complete it 

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Now you've picked up the quest, it's off to find even more Qualichor so you can create Refined Qualichor. To get some, you'll need to kill Lucent Brood Executioners. The problem is you can only kill one of these a day per account, so you won't be finishing this in a hurry. You can also search for Inquisitors, but they're difficult to find and hard to beat.

Killing one Executioner and a few Inquisitors each day will net you around 25 percent progress, and killing three Executioners will unlock the Ascendant Bounty Hunter Triumph. Once the progress bar is full, return to Fynch to get your Refined Qualichor. Use that to open the Executioner's Hoard. Its location varies as you'll first need to find three Inquisitors to fight plus their lieutenants, then three Lightbearer Hive enemies. 

To find Inquisitors, look out for the message on your screen that indicates they're in your sector. Once these enemies are defeated, keep your eye out for a Deepsight node that will lead you to a chest that requires Refined Qualichor to open. You'll get some random loot and will complete the Executioner's Hoard Triumph, too. 

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