Destiny 2: How to get Ager's Scepter exotic Stasis trace rifle and catalyst

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Ager's Scepter has finally dropped in Destiny 2, so let's take a look at how to get your hands on the latest exotic weapon. Over the last few weeks, you'll have been completing the three parts of Tracing the Stars, a repeating quest gifted to you by Queen Mara. You can finally put those Atlas Skews to good use this week and pick up the final part of the Destiny 2 A Hollow Coronation exotic quest.

Where to find the Confluence Atlas Skews 

The first part of this quest involves collecting yet another bunch of Atlas Skews. Pick up A Hollow Coronation from the H.E.L.M. and head to The Confluence in the Dreaming City, which you can access via portals in the Gardens of Esila and Harbinger's Seclude. You'll find your first Atlas Skew just to the left after you exit the Harbinger's Seclude portal in Harbinger Cathedral, so I recommend starting there.

From the main room, look for the corridor that leads to the Tree Triad to find the next Atlas Skew. From there, head to the Throne Portal where the Shattered Throne dungeon used to launch. It looks similar to the Blind Well. There's another Atlas Skew near some branches. Next, it's off to the Atlas Skew besides the Giant Crystal which you can find in a small, circular room. Finally, you can find one at the portal which leads from the Gardens of Elisa.

Next, head back to the H.E.L.M. and listen to Uldren Sov speak for a few minutes before entering the portal. You can interact with Ager's Scepter but, to get your hands on it, you'll need a Noble Seal.

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Destiny 2 A Hollow Coronation: How to get Ager's Scepter

Here's where things get a bit grindy—it wouldn't be a Destiny 2 exotic quest otherwise! You'll need to collect 100 Parallax Trajectory and get rifle final blows in Astral Alignment. You can get the Parallax Trajectory anywhere from any activity, so that part's easy enough. As for the number of Astral Alignment runs it'll take to fill the bar for rifle final blows, that depends on how good a shot you are. You can use any weapon that has 'rifle' in the name, though, so pick your favourite and have at it.

Next, you'll need to defeat 18 Champions and get 20 Super final blows in Astral Alignment, which should take around three or four matches. For the final step you'll need to complete three strikes:

  •  EDZ: Lake of Shadows 
  •  Cosmodrome: The Disgraced 
  •  Europa: The Glassway 

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Strands of Nobility will drop from the final boss chest in each strike, so all you need to do is finish them. Easy, right? Once that's over, head back to the H.E.L.M. and speak to Mara. She'll give you a Noble Seal, then select A Hollow Coronation one last time to claim Ager's Scepter. To finish the mission, use your shiny new toy to destroy rocks: they'll glow white when they're taking damage. Speak to Mara once more and the quest will end.

Ager's Scepter is a Stasis trace rifle and has the Ager's Call intrinsic perk where final blows dealt with it generate a slowing burst all around the defeated target. Rega's Refrain will reload some ammo upon any Stasis final blow, as well as any ability kills. Its Catalyst will be available next week, so check back soon to find out how to score that.

How to acquire and complete the Ager's Scepter exotic catalyst

The exotic catalyst for Ager's Scepter was added on 21 September 2021. It's acquired as a random drop from the chest at the end of Astral Alignment activities. As you can see from the video below, it comes from the left-hand loot chest, rather than the Wayfinder's Trove (which can only be opened by paying with the Parallax Trajectory currency). 

In order to use the catalyst, you'll need to rack up 1,000 kills using Ager's Scepter. As ever, a great spot to do this is by using the Shuro Chi checkpoint in the Last Wish raid. (Here's a video showing how to do that, including the location of the Wish Wall you'll need to use.) Alternatively you can use the Destiny 2 PC LFG discord to get a 'Thrallway' checkpoint. This is a section of the Pit of Heresy dungeon that has endless waves of trash mobs you can cull. Just go into the Dungeon channel and there will be usually be some kind soul giving the checkpoint out. 

Kills can also be expedited by using Ager's Scepter to destroy walls in the Shattered Realm activity, which is launched via the H.E.L.M. area, although at time of writing this appears to be bugged

If all that seems a bit stressful, you can just take your sweet time and get the kills as you play normally. 

As for what the catalyst does, its description text reads: '[Alternate Weapon Action]: Drain Super energy, overflowing the magazine and empowering the beam with bonus damage and the ability to slow and freeze targets until the magazine or Super energy runs out, or the weapon is stowed. Can only be activated when Super energy is full.' 

Essentially, by toggling the fire mode once your super is full you can unleash ramped up damage. Ager's Scepter is already a potent addition to Stasis builds, so the best home for it is likely to be on Warlock running Mantle of Battle Harmony. That exotic chestpiece will ensure your super is up fast, and give you a damage buff to all Stasis weapon kills until you decide to pop the catalyst's effect. 

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