You can currently get unlimited Legendary Shards for free in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Legendary Shards exploit - Guardian Games armor
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If you're short on Legendary Shards in Destiny 2, there's once again a new exploit you can take advantage of to get more than you'll ever need. This probably won't apply to most people who've been playing for a while, since you tend to accrue a surplus, but for new-ish players who are always running short for upgrades and purchasing weapons and exotics from Banshee and Xur, this might come in handy.

As with all exploits, like when Destiny 2 players found a way to finish that two-week long community event in a few minutes, this is likely to be patched very soon, so be sure to grab your Legendary Shards quickly if you don't want to miss the opportunity. With that in mind, here's what you need to do to currently get unlimited Legendary Shards in Destiny 2. 

Last thing before we start: if you don't have the Guardian Games' class item from last year unlocked in collections, this exploit won't work for you.

How to get infinite Legendary Shards 

Legendary Shard exploit"

The essence of this exploit is pretty straightforward. You simply have to head into Collections, Armor, then Events, and find the Guardian Games class item from last year. This is the Medal Mantle for Hunters, the Medal Bond for Warlocks, and the Mark of the Medal for Titans. Now, this only costs 777 glimmer to purchase, but refunds you with four Legendary Shards and 250 glimmer.

Since you can buy 10,000 glimmer from Rahool in the Tower for only ten Legendary Shards, you can effectively keep creating and dismantling the class item for as long as you want, farming up a surplus of shards. Create nine, scrap them, and then repeat the process. Since you're dismantling armour, this will also let you farm gunsmith XP with Banshee if you feel so inclined. When you run low on glimmer, just head to Rahool and buy some more with a tiny fraction of the shards you've earned. If you want to see the exploit in action and can't see the gif above, this video by Cheese Forever shows the whole process. 

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