What is the Iron Banner daily challenge in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges
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Iron Banner daily challenges are a great opportunity to push up your Iron Banner rank so you can unlock those new weapons and fancy armor sets that Lord Saladin's peddling this season. Completing them all will also grant you four pinnacle drops, which is handy for reaching power cap with Grandmaster Nightfalls kicking off at the end of January.

If you're trying to earn or even gild the Iron Banner seal for the title, you're going to need to complete a whole lot of these daily challenge in order to get the Frostmire's Will triumph. The problem is, it's a little confusing what Iron Banner daily challenges are, or how they work, but here I'll explain both.

For more help in the Season of the Seraph, you might also find this list of Security Drones helpful so you can unlock the secret door in the Seraph's Shield mission, though you'll need Revision Zero to shoot them.

How to complete Iron Banner daily challenges

The Iron Banner daily challenge in located in the Crucible destination menu. Just hover over the Iron Banner activity node on the right side and you can see what you need to do to complete it. The current daily challenge is to complete three Iron Banner matches as either Stasis or Void subclasses. It's a little confusing since it's listed as a weekly challenge, but each day one of the subsequent three challenges will be added.

That means if you were to complete those three matches on the first day of Iron Banner, the challenge would disappear, and a new one would appear at daily reset. If you were to complete the first daily challenge on the final day, the second, third, and fourth daily challenges would appear in order after it. Essentially, the daily challenges can be completed any time once they go up, but they won't all appear until four days have passed (in this case, Friday). This means that if you'd prefer to just hammer them all out at the weekend, you can totally do that, though that will mean playing a lot of matches.

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