Destiny 2 'combat reveal' teaser hints at changes coming in Forsaken

Today Bungie teased a "Year Two Combat Reveal Stream" for Destiny 2 that will take place next week. The teaser was a very brief video that includes roughly nine seconds (I counted) of combat. It's not much to look at, but within those nine seconds are some very interesting hints about what we have to look forward to. 

The loadout's the thing, because as it stands the weapons on display in the video—the Better Devils hand cannon, the IKELOS shotgun from Warmind's Escalation Protocol, and the newly-added Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle—cannot be equipped all at the same time. Assuming that we're seeing things as they're going to be, that effectively confirms that a Destiny 1-like loadout is on the way, something Bungie teased back in April

Also interesting is the Better Devils kill near the end of the video: boom, boom, boom, and Captain Wow with the sword is taking a dirt nap. This matters because right now it takes four headshots from that hand cannon archetype to drop a guy, so if it's been reduced to three—and that presentation was very deliberate—then that's going to mean a significant reduction in the time-to-kill for PvP, something fans have been asking for and that Bungie recently said is coming

Bungie also ran down a list of which Year 1 weapons and items will be retired from the game when the Forsaken expansion goes live in the latest This Week At Bungie update. Players who have acquired these items will keep them, but if you haven't picked them up by the time Forsaken kicks off, you'll be out of luck. The retired gear will be replaced with new, randomly-rolled equipment: some of the items may return in Year 2, "but not exactly as you remember them," and others "will be updated to Year 2 standards," including random rolls and Year 2 weapon mod capability. 

And in case there was any doubt, Year 1 weapons that carry over into Year 2 will remain viable: "Players who have obtained these Year 1 items can infuse them to higher power levels in Year 2," Bungie wrote. A rep confirmed that means all Year 1 equipment can be upgraded in Forsaken. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken go lives on September 4. 

Andy Chalk

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