Desert Bus 2.0 is coming to Oculus Rift

Desert Bus

Desert Bus was designed to be a joke, and most people consider it a pretty good joke. The fact that it raises lots of money for charity every year isn't a joke, though, with $677,188 raised in 2015 alone. Originally part of an unreleased collection of mini-game parodies called Penn and Teller's Hall of Mirrors, it's widely regarded among the most boring video games of all time. And that, my friends, is why it's funny.

According to Penn Jillette, speaking on his podcast (via Polygon), there's a new Desert Bus in planning. Weirdly enough, Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford is involved in its development in some capacity.

"He's calling it Desert Bus 2.0," he said. "I'm calling it Desert Bus 1.0003. It'll be a period piece, it'll be set in 1992, like the original Desert Bus, just high-fidelity."

Jullette also confirmed that Desert Bus 2.0 will be part of a bundle of "things" – most likely other mini-games – and will release across multiple platforms, including PC and PS4. Jillette mentioned that the game was yet to be announced, and that it's "just going to be for charities", though it seems unlikely we won't be able to play it, too. For the laughs, of course.

Shaun Prescott

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