Dell dishes up 24-inch G-Sync and 27-inch FreeSync gaming monitors

Without any bit of fanfare, Dell has gone and updated its monitor lineup with a couple of new models aimed at gamers. One is the S2417DG, a 24-inch display with Nvidia G-Sync support, and the other is the SE2717H, a larger size 27-inch monitor that pledges allegiance to AMD's competing FreeSync technology.

Starting with the physically smaller of the two, the S2417DG brings more on-screen real estate to the party with a 2560x1440 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio), albeit with a lower quality Twisted Nematic (TN) panel. It also has a 165Hz refresh rate (with overclock).

The S2417DG boasts viewing angles of 160 degrees vertical and 170 degrees horizontal, along with a rated 1ms response time, 350 cd/m2 brightness, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and an 82 percent color gamut.

Connectivity consists of DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4. It also has a single USB 3.0 upstream port and four USB 3.0 downstream ports (two on the side and two on the bottom), along with an audio line-out jack.

Dell constructed the S2417DG with an ultrathin bezel in case you want to roll with a multi-monitor setup. It also supports tilt and height adjustments, and can rotate into portrait mode.

The 24-inch S2417DG is available now direct from Dell for $470.

Moving on, Dell's 27-inch SE2717H is the physically bigger of the two, but offers less real estate with a 1920x1080 resolution and 75Hz refresh rate. However, it has a higher quality In-Plane Switching (IPS) 6-bit + FRC panel with better viewing angles (178 degrees vertical and horizontal) and a slightly superior color gamut (84 percent).

Compared to the S2417DG, the SE2717H doesn't get quite as bright with a rated 300 cd/m2 brightness. It also has a higher 6ms response time (both measured as gray-to-gray) and the same rated 1,000:1 contrast ratio.

Connectivity comes in the form of HDMI 1.4 and VGA (one each). There's no built-in USB hub, and like the S2417DG, no built-in speakers either, though integrated cans on monitors never seem to impress anyway.

The 27-inch SE2717H is available now for $250.

Paul Lilly

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