Degrees of Separation is a co-op puzzle game written by Chris Avellone

Degrees of Separation is a co-op puzzle platformer in which you solve headscratchers with temperature. I’m constantly solving the mystery of the damp clothes by chucking them on the radiator, so I reckon I’ll have a handle on this in no time. It’s a bit more impressive than just turning a dial, however, as both characters, Ember and Rime, are like elemental generators. One cools everything around them and the other heats everything up, dividing the screen into two distinct temperature zones. You can see it in action in the trailer above. 

It looks like a clever, simple system that’s explored further through challenges unique to particular levels. The trailer showcases one such special ability that allows the pair to break the barrier between them and access new areas. Another appears to put them in bubbles, presumably limiting their powers. 

While co-op seems like the way to go, there’s a solo mode, too, giving you control over both characters. They can be moved independently when trying to solve puzzles, or together when you’re just travelling. 

Chris Avellone’s on writing duties and, miraculously, he wasn’t a human stretch goal for an RPG Kickstarter. He really does manage to crop up everywhere. Expect story details soon, along with another trailer, but for now, Moondrop Studios is keeping quiet. 

Degrees of Separation is due out on February 14. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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