Defuse bombs with friends in Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes


We mentioned Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes at the start of last year, back when it was just a wee game jam baby. The full version comes out on Steam tomorrow.

Unsurprisingly, it's a game about talking: one player has to desperately describe a bomb to the other players, who are the only ones with the instructions to disarm it.

Which, simply put, sounds brilliant. While I've no doubt it'll be at its best with an Oculus rift, VR is completely optional. I do like a good bomb defusing movie scene, and now I finally get to recreate them with all the tension and pressure that videogames can provide. It's so perfect I'm surprised no ones made a co-op bomb disposal game before.

Here's a full game on hardcore mode, played by scarily competent people who could probably defuse actual bombs.