Defiance 2050 launches in July, open beta begins next week

Defiance 2050, a reimagined take on the 2013 shooter MMO Defiance that was revealed to the world earlier this year, will launch on July 10, Trion Worlds announced today. Before it does, an open beta will run from June 22-25, providing players with an opportunity to try out different character classes, weapons, and progression systems. 

The original Defiance is a third-person open-world shooter that casts players as Ark Hunters, "mercenaries battling their way across the post-apocalyptic landscapes of a ruined earth, using alien tech and advanced weaponry to carve out their fortune." It was tied in with a Syfy television series of the same name: That series was canceled in 2015 after three seasons, but the game has persisted.   

Defiance 2050 is aimed at "bringing the game into the next generation," Trion said, with updated graphics and overhauled game systems. It's free to play, but Founder's Packs are available for purchase that will automatically unlock various character classes and upgrades, and provide bonus in-game currency. Purchasing a Founder's Pack will also enable access to the Head Start period, which will begin on July 6. 

More information about Defiance 2050 is available at, and you can get a quick rundown of the game's classes in the dev update below.

Andy Chalk

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