Deep sea deception game Underlab is Among Us but with flamethrowers

Coming at us with a reveal trailer from the recent Future Game Show, mysterious underwater deception game Underlab is the sister game of Project Winter. It reeks of Among Us-esque chaos, but with a few key differences.

Similar to Among Us, Underlab is a game based on social deception. Unlike Among Us, this one involves big ol' guns—flamethrowers included.

You take on the role of lab employees, simply trying to keep everything running in their underwater base, but of course someone’s up to no good. Sabotage experiments, or work together to spot and report would-be chicanery and keep your fellow workers safe.

“Regular performance evaluations will benchmark your crew's achievements against those of other exceptional labs within The Organization” the game description says, which sounds suspiciously like there’ll be a high score board for you and your buds to compete against. The Underlab Steam Page goes into some detail about the kind of shenanigans you and your friends are likely to encounter.

Not only does the trailer feature a frenzy of flames, it also looks like you can inflict some damage with rainbow acid vomiting, and… water guns?

I’m not sure, honestly, but when the description says I can get up to "plenty of survival-based hijinks", you can bet I am ready to get stuck in.

There are a few different classes to pick from in Underlab, including janitor, doctor, security guard, or even a member of HR if you’re feeling particularly sadistic. It also looks to have a pretty comprehensive character creator, so I’m looking forward to seeing all the Nick Cage-alikes and Shrek creatures made in-game.

Right now, you can join the beta now on the official Underlab website, and be one of the first to play the game. Whether it will be as popular as Among Us is another matter.  

Katie Wickens
Hardware Writer

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