Deep Rock Galactic digs up official mod support

Deep Rock Galactic's doughty dwarf miners
(Image credit: Ghost Ship Games)

Things can get a little unpredictable when you're a dwarf carving apart the inside of an asteroid. But nothing can prepare our pint-sized miners for the challenges they'll face now that full mod support has arrived in Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock has had mods for some time. But today's patch formally brings those add-ons into the game by way of a new mod menu, pulling from mods listed on the game's hub. There's already a healthy number of mods available from balance changes to audio replacements and exploding fruit.

These mods will be categorised into Verified, Approved or Sandbox, depending on how heavily they affect progression. After all, stripping your miner down to a swimsuit is funny, but still perfectly in-line with the base game in a way that flatly unlocking everything isn't. Servers will be categorised based on what mods they're running, and you can enable/disable more egregious addons before jumping in (or turn off mods entirely).

"You don’t need to worry about joining modded hosts by accident anymore," developer Ghost Ship Games explained. "No more surprises and reverting to a previous save when you accidentally got a million XP from a modded game. With this update, modding should be safe, fun, and transparent."

A full breakdown of how mods work can be found over on the game's Steam announcement, which also includes a fairly hefty set of bug fixes and balance changes to boot.

Natalie Clayton
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