How to get the Fortnite Deathstroke skin

deathstroke fortnite skin
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Growing up watching Cartoon Network, I don't think a single DC villain was more menacing and cutthroat than Deathstroke, also known as Slade on Teen Titans. The mix of shadowy behind-the-scenes plotting, growly voiceover from Ron freakin' Perlman, and his near-victory over the titular teen supergroup firmly etched him into my little nerd brain, setting him apart from every other quasi-Punisher type throughout comic book history.

Which is why I'm all the more excited to see that Deathstroke has been announced as an upcoming Fortnite skin. Surely my mediocre skills will be all the more terrifying with the iconic black and orange mask, eh? Eh?

Details about the Deathstroke Fortnite skin are fairly plentiful, what with Epic confirming Deathstroke early Monday. Read on for everything we know, including how to get Deathstroke early by competing in a new tournament.

Deathstroke Fortnite skin release date

Deathstroke is coming to the Fortnite item shop on June 1. He'll come with Deathstroke's katanas as harvesting tools and back bling. I haven't seen any footage or screenshots of the katanas yet, but if memory serves me, he'll be one of the very few characters who can whip out back bling cosmetics as harvesting tools.

You can also get a separate Deathstroke glider by purchasing issue 4 of the Batman/Fortnite crossover comic. Just keep in mind you've got to buy a physical copy.

deathstroke fortnite skin

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Deathstroke Zero Cup: How to get Deathstroke early

If you can't wait for June 1 and want to flex your competitive mode muscles, the Deathstroke Zero Cup is for you.

The Deathstroke Zero cup starts on Thursday May 27. True to Deathstroke's style, it's a solos tournament, so you'll be all alone to prove your worth.

Like many tournaments before it, you'll have a small window of time to complete up to 10 matches and earn as many points as they can. Start times and point values can be found on Epic's official event rules page.

Thankfully, even if you whiff it, all participants who get eight points or more will earn the "Slade's Watching" spray, so it's not a total loss.

Need more? We've got a ton of Fortnite guides and news here. In the meantime, enjoy some Ron Perlman as Slade.

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