Death Stranding's launch trailer is 8 minutes long

Now that Death Stranding is officially coming to PC, you lot might be interested in the launch trailer that just appeared. It's eight minutes long, because of course it is, and you can watch it above.

If you've not been paying attention up until now, the launch trailer probably won't make a whole lot of sense, with all the crying and babies and talk of presidents and bridge builders, but there's also lots of snippets of gameplay to go with all the conversations without context. 

America needs to be rebuilt, and Sam Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, is the delivery man to do it, seemingly by connecting people and activating network terminals with the help of a baby. Also spooky president needs saving, I think. They've got history. 

It looks like nonsense, but intriguing nonsense. I'm not sure about the moment-to-moment experience, but I'm sure Kojima and company will keep us on our feet with a zany narrative that will probably spawn a mountain of editorials. 

Death Stranding launches on PS4 on November 8, but we'll be waiting well into next year for the PC port. It's due out in early summer. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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