Dean Hall's Ion has organ simulation, Diablo-like camera


DayZ creator Dean Hall has been working on a new game, and we got our first look at it at Microsoft's E3 conference yesterday. The game is called Ion, and it's an "emergent narrative massively-multiplayer online game" set in space. Today at the PC Gaming Show, Hall took the stage to give us a little more.

Hall was quick to avoid comparisons to Eve and Star Citizen. "We wanted to look at what happens inside the [space] stations," Hall said. The game will feature a Diablo-style camera view.

When asked about the best bug he's encountered in Ion, he said initially when you clicked on another player "their organs fell out. It's a persistent game, so when your brain fell out, you couldn't do anything."

When asked if that means Ion has organ simulation, Hall confirmed it. Keep your livers safe.

You can watch the full interview with Hall below:

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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