Dean Hall is making a SteamVR game

SteamVR Vive

Dean Hall is a busy chap. In addition to making an "emergent narrative MMO" named Ion, he's also making another, unannounced game, along with one more announced game for Valve's SteamVR platform. He revealed as much to Eurogamer, though he stopped short before spilling any more details about the latter project.

"[Valve's] Chet Faliszek was like a huge mentor to me," Hall explained to Eurogamer's Oli Welsh at E3, after revealing that he'd "kind of told Valve" he'd make a SteamVR game.

"He contacted me very early on in DayZ's development and he's been all through everything - he's been a huge mentor. And I actually got a chance to seem him speak, and I spoke myself, at Slush Play [a gaming and VR conference] in Iceland. And, to be honest, that was the final convincing for me. So I really liked what he had to say."

We can only speculate what sort of virtual reality game Dean Hall, and his development team RocketWerkz, are making, but we do know a bit more about Ion. The MMO will simulate body organs (huh), and feature a Diablo-like isometric camera.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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