Dean Hall on DayZ Origins mod: "There are some awesome ideas"

DayZ Origins

DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall has shared his reaction with Eurogamer over the DayZ Origins mod for Arma 2 and its "inspiration" from Rocket's original zombie-survival creation. Though calling the naming similarities between the two mods "a bit problematic," he commended the GamersPlatoon community for "some awesome ideas."

"It would seem a shame to destroy that kind of creativity by me getting upset about the name," Rocket said. "So my thoughts for the moment are really, 'Wow, that's cool,' and then, 'Aww shucks, there go my DayZ: Origins plans!'"

Rocket's current focus surrounds the shaping of the standalone version of DayZ, but he admitted Origins threw a rusted wrench into plans to use the name for a possible spin-off project. "And now, if I were to do what I was planning, then it would forever get confused with [the mod]," he added. "But you can't encourage creativity on one hand and beat it with a stick with another."

We've got more info and even a download link for DayZ Origins if you're seeking an immediate survivalist fix (no, not that one ). As for Rocket's standalone, the most recent development update went over interesting topics such as weather effects and diseased clothing.

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