Where to find the Dead Space Peng statue

Dead Space Peng statue
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The Dead Space Peng treasure is a classic item from the survival horror series that's got both a unique achievement tied to it, and can be sold for a lot of credits. A Peng statue has appeared in every single player Dead Space game, and the remake is no exception, with its very own Peng concealed somewhere on the Ishimura.

Once you've got the statue you can sell it at a store for 30,000 credits, and I don't need to tell you that's worth a lot of ammo, med packs, or even a few Dead Space weapon upgrades. The good news is you don't have to go too far out of your way to get it, and it's also quite close to the final Marker Fragment you need for the secret ending as well. So, here's where to find the Dead Space Peng statue.

Where to find Peng in Dead Space 

If you want the full Peng experience, there's actually a fun teaser about its location in the form of a text log that you can grab from the hangar in zero-G in-between the two docking causeways. The person writing the entry talks about needing to hide the valuable item among the other shipments, somewhere no one will look. That somewhere is the Cargo Bay. 

This location becomes available in chapter 11 of the Dead Space remake, when you have to head there to transport the marker. You can get to the Cargo Bay from the Tram Control Deck. Take the door towards the Tram Station Hall, and then turn right further down the corridor to access the now-unlocked door to cargo. 

This brings you out by an elevator leading down to the bay. Take it down, step out, and look to the immediate left of the elevator. You'll see some boxes that can be moved with kinesis, and behind them, a locker and a body slumped against it. Open the locker to find Peng. Once you have it you can bring it back to the store and sell it for 30,000 credits.

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