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Dead Space 3 trailer: a soundtrack worse than dubstep?

AARGH! IT'S HIDEOUS! KILL IT, ISAAC! KILL IT WITH FIRE! It's... it's Phil Collins. We're all doomed!

That's right, the latest trailer for Dead Space 3 inexplicably features hairless irritant (and actually quite good Genesis drummer) Phil Collins, marking the scariest thing to come out of the Dead Space franchise to date. You see, we laugh and we mock when trailers go wub-heavy, but when this is the alternative?

In fairness, Collins is about the only remarkable part of this trailer. There's a bit with the limb-slicing nailgun, a bit showing some twisted mutants, and the inevitable bit where a giant boss monster shows up, covered in glowing weak spots. Yup, it's Dead Space all right. There are also some scenes of the series' new features: co-op and snow.

Dead Space 3 is due out February 8th.

Phil Savage
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