Dead Rising 4 launch trailer is as Christmassy as they come

The Dead Rising series has always been 'about' consumerism, given that its premise is pretty much lifted wholesale from Romero's Dawn of the Dead, but that theme becomes more overt with Dead Rising 4, according to Capcom. It's a theme you can support by going out and buying the game, which is apparently out next week and—hey, this one kinda flew under the radar, huh?

Reasons not to be interested include Frank West's wrong character model and all the millions of other games vying for your Xmas bucks, but I do enjoy a fun seasonal trailer, and the following launch trailer is certainly one of those. See ol' Westie slaughter zombies with Christmassy weapons including a candy cane and a big fish I guess, before Dead Rising 4: It's Kind of a Reboot but Not Quite releases on PC and Xbox One on December 6.

Tom Sykes

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