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Not even the place where Superman grew up is safe from villainy. Lex Luthor is in town, and he has a brilliant and diabolical plan. He's trapped Doomsday in hi-tech prison, carefully hidden in a place where nobody would ever find him - inside the barn where Superman grew up. Hang on a minute, that's a rubbish plan. Perhaps he figured it'd be the last place Superman would look. He was wrong. The man of steel has recruited you to stop Luthor's scheme as part of one of DC Universe Online's latest alert missions. Read on for details and a video.

Luthor has infected the whole town with a virus that's slowly turning them into Doomsday. Heroes have to deal with this by punching victims of the virus until they're cured. Villains have to deal with this by punching victims because punching is fun. Either way, Doomsday is eventually set loose, and he needs to be stopped, by any means necessary.

Don't forget, the PC Gamer EU guild is recruiting now. All you have to do is be a hero on the Brightest Day server and message Falco Darkwind for an invite. Head over to our forums for more details. For more information on DC Universe Online check out our first impressions and the official DC Universe Online site . Here's the video.

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